My One Night Stand

” … I went up stairs and sure enough, I saw my married best friend and her new lover through her open bedroom door… she was on top of him, facing him… riding him… There wasn’t much sex noise… she rode him slowly… I heard a long soft moan from her… It was so very erotic!  I found myself standing there in the hallway… listening to and watching their sex. Her body rocked back and forth on her new lover. Her long blonde hair brushed his dark chest… the pale white skin of her petite body contrasted against the black skin of this young marine… And my marine was downstairs… “

I realized I was going to cheat on my new husband…

My beautiful black marine was being stationed in NC, over on the coast, a few hours from where my husband and I lived in Fayetteville. We had that online relationship so long ago. It started when I was still in high school and he first joined the Marines and went to Okinawa, Japan. When our relationship didn’t flourish after all, we broke it off while remaining somewhat friends. I would eventually marry someone else a year or so later… Out of the blue, I got an email from him stating he was moving to NC. I was excited and about a Month later, he called me and said he wanted to meet in person. It was my first deployment as a young military wife and I didn’t have many friends. One of the only friends I had, seemed to disappear after the guys deployed so I was elated to hear from him! Mostly out of just loneliness I guess. He told me he that him and a few of his buddies were coming to Fayetteville the following Weekend to party and that we should finally meet in person.

We decided on that upcoming Friday evening. All I had to do was get a baby sitter and I could do it. My sitter didn’t sit on Weekends so I called my girlfriend to see about hers and somehow she ended up invited to join us! I was a little miffed I guess because when I wanted to go do something with her… she was always busy it seemed like. BUT when I explained who… what this was… now she had lots of time to be with me and wanted to go. I wasn’t like trying to be alone so I could go have some affair or anything… it was just the nervousness of meeting someone in person for the first time. But… oh well… I called my Marine and one of the guys he was with was all for coming a long and being a fourth. It was nice to dress up and the both of us ended up kinda sexy. This was her first deployment as well and as we drank wine and laughed at each other and checked each other out… I got more and more nervous. We all met up at a Ruby Tuesday near the mall. It was a lot of fun… great to finally be with my Marine in person after all this time. And was also nice to be with my girl friend too. She and her Marine were hitting it off it looked like.

When we finished with dinner, I got up to go to the rest room while the guys paid and my Marine was waiting for me in the little sitting area by the front door. As we walked to his car, I caught a glimpse of my girlfriend and her guy embraced and kissing by her car. I guess I sort of seen that one coming, she was acting… especially sexy… that evening and it was clear that the both of them couldn’t take their eyes off of each other the entire evening.

The guys wanted us to go clubbing but I couldn’t go because I wasn’t 21. Then they suggested we go with them to their motel room and I think that was the time I realized what was going down. I quickly veto’d that idea and then… my girlfriend suggested that we could all go to her apartment. I was skeptical but we were free for the night and I really was having fun. Pretty soon we were in her living room, us girls drinking red wine and the boys drinking their gin and sevens. We danced to the music and talked. The lights kept getting lower and all of us were getting drunk. As time went on, we settled in groups of two and were talking. It wasn’t long after that I watched them kiss and then those two disappear up her stairs.

I looked at my marine and he smiled at me. I didn’t really know what to do. I tried to just focus on him and I but it was hard too. Its hard to explain what was going through my mind. I was excited (for her) it was significant… you know. But what should I do? It was a strange feeling I had inside me. I was getting more drunk and then as I looked at him sitting there all dark and handsome, he kissed me. I didn’t pull away… but… I then stood up pulling him with me for another dance. Everything was falling into place I guess, because of a lot of reasons. We touched again and embraced. It was becoming very apparent that something was gonna happen!

The cd finished and it got quiet. I went to go change it and my guy was like don’t worry about it… agreeing… I headed upstairs to go to the bathroom and as I went down the short hall way at the top of the stairs… I saw my best friend and her new lover through the open bedroom door, they were having sex. It was dark in the room but with the street lamp light through the window and the light from the stairs I could make out their bodies… he was laying on his back and she was facing him… riding him cowgirl. Not much sex noise really… she rode him slowly, every now and again I heard a long soft moan from her… It was extremely erotic! I found myself standing there listening to them… watching her body move on her new lover. Her blonde hair let down now… her white petite body moving on her dark stud. I felt all kinds of emotions standing there… eroticism, voyeurism, I suppose being lonely myself… perhaps horniness too. They moved abruptly and I ducked behind the doorway. They evidently changed sexual positions and I all I could do is listen. I remember my heart pounding and feeling silly… as I heard him pumping her. She started getting loud and I thought my marine might hear… he must have! So I ducked back further down the hallway and went into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I pulled my panties down and went to the bathroom. I felt excited and I think it was right then that I decided to go for it. I finished and used the sink… there was a nightlight on and I stood there looking at myself. I looked so sexy standing there… my hair up and stylish… a cute white halter top I had recently bought. It brought out my best features… a long black skirt… not especially short and provocative but hugged my body real nicely… and in all the right places!

I decided I wanted sex. As I stood there looking at myself, I thought about not wanting to hurt anyone. Rationalism does wonders for faint hearts. I started thinking that it really wasn’t that bad because I really was friends with him before I got married. Then I would talk myself out of it because I was married. Then I started thinking if something was to happen… I wouldn’t get caught so it was no big deal anyways… right? I would go down stairs and play it by ear… still not knowing if I was gonna give my self to him.

Back down stairs, I went and I told him that “they were getting lucky”! He laughed and motioned me to come sit down by him and I did. From that point on… he was all hands it seemed like and I let him kiss me. He touched me between my legs and I felt myself pushing my sex towards his hands. We started kissing more passionately and his fingers became more active against the soft material of my panties. It really wasn’t very long before I felt his hand tugging at the waistband of them and that’s really when I submitted to him I think. I remember laying back and saying “Oh… Yeah…” I felt so amazing laying there. I helped him pull my panties off me and then layed back against the arm of the sofa. In went his finger and I almost climaxed right there. Everything was happening so quickly… I decided to limit all this to oral sex and kissing and was OK with oral sex. I tried to rub his length with my hand and was attempting to sit up so I could go down on him. But he kept trying to lay me back down on my back and I thought he was going to go down on it so I fixed the pillows and layed my head down flat… moving my legs up onto the couch… but then he was undoing his pants and in the dim light… there was that black penis I watched so many times on web cam… Nice!


He was inside me almost right away. I remember that I was so wet that there wasn’t really any restriction at all. One second I was empty and the next second I was full and he was definitely much larger around than my husband… I liked watching his handsome face as he pumped me and I pushed my pussy back at him as hard as I could. Both of us were sweating and he stopped and with one hand, pulled off his sweater showing such a beautiful cut chest and gorgeous arms, then his tank top. I tried to get the rest of the way out of my blouse and halter top but before I could finish un buttoning it… he was inside me again and we were having sex again. I felt myself cumming and moaned his name… a little while later I felt his butt muscles tense under my fingers and he groaned. I then felt his cum in me. We layed there breathing hard and sweating and with out a word, he pulled it out of me and I got up and walked up the stairs to the bathroom. His juice was running down my leg as I got to the toilet.


I sat there in the dim light, listening to those two in the next room. Then it was quiet. Then, there she was… standing in the bathroom doorway. She wanted to use the toilet too. She came in and shut the door behind her. We stood there giggling and whispering our stories. After she was done she went back into the bedroom and came back out with a blanket for me. I walked downstairs and sat there on the couch watching my new… old… IDK… lover sleep. I removed my blouse and halter top and was feeling around for my panties but found his tank top. I had no idea where my panties were so I just took the blanket and layed next to him and covered us both.

The next morning, about day break, I woke to him prying himself between my legs and I felt him enter me again. I wasn’t quite ready for him and I spit on the palm of my hand and rubbed myself… he was in me right after and was moving quickly. It hurt! It felt great! I wrapped my arms around his back and his neck and just layed there as he slammed his penis into me. I thought he was about to climax but just slowed and we meshed as a beautiful duo. His strokes were slow but very deep and I just squeezed him to death and then came so hard. It wasn’t long before I felt him squirt and we were both quiet but it was insanely intense! Laying there again, we kissed tenderly and whispered our joy. That is about the time we heard Heidi in the kitchen 10 feet away, on the other side of the little breakfast bar! Surely she had walked past us while we were having sex! We both started laughing and feeling busted… I heard her say “Good Morning” she was making coffee. I got up and watched her as she moved around, she wore a long sleeve button up dress shirt that was too big for her. I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her long blonde hair was down on her shoulders still. She looked so beautiful. I got up and went in there and helped her… but mostly we just whispered to each other about our night of adultery. After awhile, her lover came in and I felt exposed to him. The tank top I had borrowed didn’t do much to hide my breasts and I felt my nipples. My sex wasn’t really covered. At first, I felt cool letting him see me this way but I quickly lost my nerve as time went on. I went into the living room and looked for my clothes and then went up to the bathroom and got dressed. I came back down sat by my lover. He was awake by then and started to pull me to him for more sex. He realized we all had an audience so backed off. After most body parts were semi covered… we had French Toast and coffee for breakfast and the guys departed for their motel room. Both of us girls showered and then went and got our kids… I was still enjoying the glow of new sex before the guilt started to creep into my life.

I went back to my apartment and fixed breakfast for my daughter. I lounged around the apartment all day long thinking of what I did. Part of me was happy after being with my marine, part of me felt guilty of cheating on my new husband. I decided I was a bad person and started to feel cornered. I allowed my self to break my vows at what 7 Months into the marriage? Everything started to become clear that I had made a mistake after all and I didn’t know what to do. I liked that I had the opportunity and that I went for it. I felt “free” My girlfriend called me and asked how I was doing and I said just fine. She must have known better because she hung up and was at my door in no time. We opened some wine and sat around the rest of the day. I felt close to her. For the first time I really did feel like she was my best friend. She was going to leave her husband and even though her husband was not disputing this, he was unaware of her one night stands in the past. I started to feel the fear of my husband finding out about my actions.

We had a long heart to heart talk and swore our secrecy to each other. My problem was not the infidelity towards a husband but the lack of loyalty to a friend. I was angry at myself for just going along. That I allowed the marriage to happen to begin with. I didn’t know what I was gonna do but I had a lot of time so my plan was to just stop thinking about it.

And then 15 minutes later, I was ready to go and set something up for that night! In the end, I decided against it. Talk about being confused! My girlfriend left her baby with me that night and went with the group of men. She spent 1 more night with her lover at her place and then Sunday the guys all went back to their post. I talked with my Marine and told him I didn’t want to see him again. He was cool with that and told me to stay in touch with him. I liked that he said he loved me. I promised to do that but I would never talk to him again, nor hear from him again. Far as I know, my girlfriend and her guy never hooked up again either.