Impromptu Sex

Cheating and Impromptu Sex: Fitting Your Married Lover Into Your Busy Life The next time we were together cheating, it was very impromptu. It was amazing though! I started turning off my cell phone because my husband was calling or texting me so much. He gets … Continue reading →

Meeting Him

The First Time Meeting Him The first time meeting him was rushed, I had not seen him in a while because I was using my usual “gym time” as an excuse to go make money adult modeling. He was elated when … Continue reading →

Adult Model Ads

I had been busy with my modeling gig. I searched around craigslist for Adult Model Ads. Out of the four, the first two, I recognized as BS almost right away. When a response to your reply has words to the … Continue reading →

Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Cheating! With the Valentine’s Day holiday tomorrow, I thought I would take a few minutes to write a little about the holiday and as it relates to your infidelity in your relationships. I was listening to a … Continue reading →

Managing An Affair

“I was thinking to myself that it was going to be difficult managing an affair with him home for awhile. I went back to bed and fell asleep pretty quickly. My husband wouldn’t be so suspicious if I gave him more sex. With … Continue reading →


I decided to skip showering and feeling that we were becoming a spectacle in the room, I said that I should get going. The truth is, there probably wasn’t anyone who noticed us at all, if they did… they probably … Continue reading →

Worn Underwear

If a woman is doing it right, being honest when she sells her worn underwear, she really can’t sell that many pairs per Month. I mean, do the math. With a young woman’s menstrual cycle, she really only has so … Continue reading →

Submissive Sex

Over the next few Weeks, our sex life turned into Submissive Sex. I stopped giving myself emotionally to him, I would just give in and lay there on my back and think of cute men I saw around me. Or … Continue reading →